face a double discrimination in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in accordance with principles 13 and 14, Iranian Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians, only a minority Religious known that the limits of the law, are free to perform their religious ceremonies and in matters of personal affairs and religious education, act on the basis of their faith. In Article 14 of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all Muslims are required, compared to non-Muslim morality, Qstv Islamic justice and respect their human rights. The Iranian constitution based on the belief or non-database. belief in the Twelver Shia Islam as the religion of the majority of the Iranian people has been developed, and so the introduction of the first, second and twelfth see it, this rule does contain undue discrimination against religious minorities is most Shdytryn , but also for the enjoyment of all the rights and legitimate freedoms must necessarily follow the official religion Bashym.rvsh purely for research in this thesis is Ast.sy library to study all aspects of crimes against religious minorities there.
Key words: crime, punishment, religious minorities.

Islamic Azad university
Damghan Branch
A masters, Thesis To Get M.A Degree
The social political context of The Baghare Sura
Thesis Advisor:
Consulting Advisor:
Masoumeh Panah Shahi
Winter 2016